Dear Meli Imako

I am not a mesher. I love to "play" with graphics and I do that even before I come in second life.
I love to search for new "fabrics" and make new textures. This is my fun.
I know you sell meshes (I have bought many in all these years), and have a TOS. Since yesterday, among your rules, the minimum price to sell your meshes (without your textures and ovviously not full perm) was L$ 50. Yesterday the TOS was changed and minimum price to sell my items should be L$100. I asked in group if was only for new items and the answer was FOR ALL items, even former purchased by me and sold before. Looking in your page and considering a top and a medieval dress have the same rule (and I should sell with the same criteria), I come to conclusion I cannot ask my customers to pay twice for things that are in store for years, some even inadequate to avatars with mesh bodies.
I also sell with gatcha machines and even the bigger builders in SL don't make "the shot" for L$100.
I know many meshers sell their creations much more expensive than you but most provide DAE file. By the way, the problem is there is a minimum price as terms of conditions that is changed for my formers purchases and no difference for me to sale with different prices in your creations .
(example: Full Perm Rigged Mesh Puffy Skirt V.2 - L$ 165 and
Full Perm Mesh Women's Ninja Costume + Boots - L$ 1500)
I do not know if it is right to impose a minimum price for something I bought freely. I do not know if it's right raise minimum prices for things previously I acquired. Finally, I do not know what happens to those who "disobey the rules", since I see many things sold in the marketplace and in sl clearly not original with prices that do not pay even one upload.
I apologise for this post. Is the first time I make one "with words". My messages are graphics, with colors and pictures.

2016 OMG!

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