the mesh body adventure

 Mesh body avatar
The new fever in sl is the mesh body avatar. Much more "human", smooth and femminine seems to be the future of the second life avatars.
For me, this means many new ways to "dress" and to make clothes for many kinds of meshes with different appliers.
For now I am third party with Belleza Venus, Slink Physique and The Mesh Project as well Lolas Tango etc. and I will place here the new creations with some appliers.
Of course clothing can be weared also for classic avatars.

gift for Camp Hunt

gift for Hunt for Your Inner Slut 10
Leather and Laces event (women's stuff)
ONLY ONE dress, exclusive texture
ONLY ONE dress, exclusive texture for Mieville event

ONLY ONE dress, exclusive texture
women's stuff event Leather and Laces


the mesh body must be adapted to the mesh corset (by Alpha hud)


Every year we have about 365 oportunity to grow and change!

Let's enjoy this new beginning and take this chance again